Therapy & Treatment for your Child's Cerebral Palsy

As there's no cure for cerebral palsy, many physicians concentrate on discovering treatment and treatment aimed toward handling or decreasing the neurological issues related to Cerebral Palsy.
Treatment and remedies for the symptoms of cerebral palsy are many.  Most experts agree that a mix of medications, provided in combination, make the best outcomes.  A cerebral palsy sufferer's health care staff work together to urge a balanced routine of therapies designed to boost wellbeing.  An individualized treatment and therapy program for cerebral palsy could include:
* Medicines to control muscle Aches and seizure
* Occupational therapy and therapies developed to boost self-sufficiency in cerebral palsy patients.
* Physical therapy to help handle muscle management Difficulties
* Emotional counseling to Help out with creating and maintaining a positive self-image and attitude
* Remedies in speech and language treatment to help enhance or enhance communication abilities in cerebral palsy patients.
* Surgery to decrease spastic contracture of muscles
The Best Remedies and Treatment for Cerebral Palsy
Improvements in the treatment of cerebral palsy are progressing as science advances.  Three medications and treatment procedures have lately become known as effective in treating cerebral palsy: Botox shots, the Baclofen pump along with an operation known as selective dorsal rhizotomy or SDR.  Each treatment has its dangers and benefits.
Treatment of Cerebral Palsy Using the Baclofen Pump
The Baclofen pump is a surgically implanted pump full of a medication used to decrease muscle spasticity.  It's inserted in the lower stomach and delivers the medication directly into the spinal cord from the catheter.  Baclofen therapy is proven to be quite useful for many people.  Risks include infection from surgery, seizures from overdose and gloomy breathing.  Statistics suggest the pump is secure and seldom results in any severe complications.
 Selective dorsal rhizotomy differs from other cerebral palsy treatment since the advantages are often lifelong, as opposed to temporary.  Gains in motion result allow increased skills in breathing, walking, sitting up, bending at the waist, hand usage, and mind control.
Risks center on the operation itself, not after side effects.  Elimination of vertebrae could lead to back pain and difficulties.  Surgeons always dangers cutting too many pathways.  If the wrong fibers are severed, the consequence may be complete paralysis.
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